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EP_19.jpg May/June 2005
Cover Story
Going Mobile
Leonhard Weiss
Speedy Hire

With over 60 years of experience, Rambøll has achieved its vision of becoming one of the Nordic countries’ leading consulting groups.


04.jpg Established in 1945, Rambøll sets the trend in the Nordic market for technical consulting services, offering full knowledge based solutions within main fields of building and construction, traffic and infrastructure, water and environment, energy, oil and gas, telecommunication, industry and waste.

With the merger of Rambøll and Scandiaconsult, a leading Nordic consulting group was born, and today the group has more than 4000 employees in over 70 offices covering the Nordic region intensively and reaching out internationally. Rambøll Denmark is part of the Rambøll group, which comprises of six business units, reflecting the strong geographical presence in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland complemented by specialist organisations in IT and management consultancy. Employing more than 1700 staff in 18 offices all over the country and nine abroad, Rambøll Denmark has a healthy turnover of 200 million euros.

Having been with the company for the last 24 years, director of building, industry and telecom, Robert Arpe explains further: “We wanted to form a strong Nordic group and with this merger, we have most certainly become the biggest Scandinavian company and have definitely succeeded in creating synergies between the two companies.

“Our customers are based 60 per cent in the private sector and 40 per cent in the public area and we work in all areas of construction from houses to bridges, from industrial to commercial. Working in Norway, Sweden and Finland, we have subsidiaries from India to Ireland.”

Moving on, Robert highlights a current contract: “We were given the task of saving a 100-year old steel bridge over Victoria Falls that connects Zimbabwe and Zambia, which is constructed on the railway line running between Cape Town and Cairo. Financed by the World Bank, the bridge is approximately 200 metres wide and 120 metres above sea level. The task received from the Zambian Railway was for us to preserve the bridge for the future and we have even utilised Norwegian rock experts due to the nature of this job. The target is to complete it by August of this year and we were successful in attaining the project due to our excellent record in construction maintenace.”

With the aim to create a world-class opera building as regards to acoustics, theatre techniques and indoor climate, Rambøll Denmark was also the consulting engineer for the construction of the new Opera House in Copenhagen. Covering a total area of approximately 40,000 square metres, a characteristic feature of the building is the giant flat roof, which covers the entire building and continues over the plaza to the harbour front. The cantilevered roof stretches 47 metres over the front plaza and 22 metres over the small stage and roof terrace; another project the company is extremely proud of.

Among other recent contracts, Rambøll Denmark is currently participating in a number of comprehensive building projects in Copenhagen Zoo. Skylights, natural rubber under the feet and more than 4000m2 of outdoor facilities form the new living-quarters of the elephants. Rambøll is involved in the implementation of this large-scale project in cooperation with the world-renowned British architect Sir Norman Foster and landscape architect Stig. L. Andersen together with Buro Happold. The design phase will commence in spring of this year, and according to plan, the new elephant facilities will be ready for inauguration in 2007. The total construction costs for buildings and rearrangement of the landscape will amount to around 150 million DKK (approximately £13.8 million).

Highlighting the factors that differentiates Rambøll from its competitors, Robert comments: “We are, without doubt, world leaders in the areas of telecommunication and waste to energy and the secret behind our success lies in the skilled staff, internal synergies between the Nordic companies and our client focus. In short, what sets us apart is our high technical competence coupled with a focus on constructability and economically optimised solutions.”

Commenting on the future, he adds: “We are looking to expand the company through both strategies – organically and via acquisitions and have aims of growing about five to ten per cent a year. With plans to increase our presence in as many countries as possible, our main focus lies in the Baltic countries as well as the Middle East and the markets we are highly keen on expanding into Eastern Europe and Asia, especially China.”

He concludes: “In expanding, we strive to grow in the three main parts of our business – pharmaceutical, industry and telecommunication and will look to move into construction as well as retaining our focus in consultancy. At the moment, we have a market share of about 20 per cent in Denmark and want to be a local partner with a global knowledge.”  CT-E

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