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Golden Terraces
Peri Norge
Science Parks

Backed by 36 years of experience, Peri Norge has established itself as a market leader in Norway for formwork solutions.


04.jpg Established in 1993, Peri Norge is a wholly owned subsidiary of Peri GmbH in Germany, providing formwork solutions to major construction companies in Norway. With 600 million euros in revenues for the year 2004, its parent company is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of formwork, shoring and scaffolding systems. In addition to its innovative products, it also offers engineering, planning, special software, rental service and logistic support and has been able to sustain a constant rate of growth in the formwork and scaffolding market with numerous innovations during the past 36 years.

Having been with the company since its opening in 1993, managing director, Tom Wium, explains more: “We have a head office in Lier, which is approximately 35 kilometres from Oslo, one office in Bergen and another in Trondheim. Our typical customers are big international contractors including Skanska, NCC Construction and Veidekke and though we mainly deal with Norway, some percentage of our business involves exporting. If needed we follow our customers and there have been numerous instances where Norwegian contractors have had a business in another country and we were needed as well, including when Veidekke had a project major in Tanzania, Africa.”

The company has carried out various projects in its 12 years in operation. Tom states: “We carried out a project in Hammerfest, in the North of Norway, which was one of the biggest land-based projects ever in Norway and cost a total of

50 milliarder NOK (£4 billion). We offered this project, Snohvit, formwork solutions and, working together, found the best solutions that were possible for the site. Because the project went on for two years, there were two engineers on site for that duration. In addition to that, we also rented out our formwork equipment.”

He continues: “We’ve had a number of challenges in this project, especially as it is one of the biggest job sites we have ever had. The distance posed was another challenge as it is about 2500 kilometres from Oslo to Hammerfest and our logistics capabilities were certainly put to the test.”

Continuing, Tom highlights a contract the company will be involved in: “The next project is very exciting and extremely similar to Snohvit, in that this plant, Ormemlange, will be producing LNG gas as well. It is located on Aukra outside Molde, which is in the middle of the North West Coast of Norway, and costing approximately 55 milliarder NOK (£4.6 billion), it will also require in the region of two years to complete. Though we can’t forecast all the challenges ahead, but due to the similarities in the plants, it will certainly be easier for us this time around.”

Peri Norge also invests in its employees by offering training programmes for engineers and salesmen every year and considers these seminars to be vital in order to update them. Tom strongly believes that the workforce is one of the two main criteria that set the company apart from its competitors, as he explains: “At the moment, we have the largest engineering and technical department in Norway, offering the best technical solutions. We also have a very wide product mix, and as a producer of formwork, offer a complete product range capable of solving every concrete project.”

Commenting on the conditions of the market, Tom adds: “The market is very good in Norway at the moment and though we had a share of about 55 per cent last year, we can see that these figures will improve this year as well as in 2006, as we predict the market will maintain its stability. If the market remains as overheated, 2007 could be challenging, but we’re confident we’ll see it through.”

With thoughts on the future, Tom concludes: “Norway is a really good country for business and we plan to expand by investing approximately 50 million NOK (£4.2 million) in building a new office and stockyard, aiming to have this plant realised in 2006. This expansion will allow us to develop our current services to include scaffolding, which will be incorporated by mid 2006 with market introduction in 2007.” CT-E

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