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WACO UK Ltd has been formed by the merger of two existing companies in 2004, Interlink Building Systems Ltd and Premier Transline Group.


05.jpg An East Yorkshire based company, with Brandesburton being the head office and the manufacturing facility, WACO is based in a prime location close to major motorways, rail networks, airport and a deep water sea port with many other offices based throughout the country, to sustain its national business.

WACO UK Ltd is now part of WACO International, which produces a global turnover of £300 million and employs some 3000 people worldwide. The WACO group is number one in Australia and New Zealand in the modular business and number one in Australia and South Africa in respect of Scaffolding.

WACO UK Ltd has both been involved in the design, manufacture, delivery and erection of temporary and permanent modular construction and jackleg cabins for many years. The company has over 300 employees that are highly experienced. They have been given proper training to help and encourage the customer to succeed.

The company offers flexibility through the use of in-house designers, who can adapt modular designs to meet specific client requirements. All levels of finish and materials can be applied. WACO UK Ltd offers a full turnkey package, from site surveys and groundworks, to installation and fully commissioned buildings.

The company offers the highest possible quality of product and service to all clients. All personnel are encouraged to participate in the quality culture, to enable the highest standards possible. The reputation of the company is due to the quality of the products and services, thus ensuring greater stability, an excellent clientele and growth for the company.

WACO has had heavy investment in which to reorganise the extensive business process and continually improve all the functions of the company. Ongoing investment is in place to reorganise the extensive business processes and upgrade the company's current AutoCAD technology to be leading edge. The investment is forward thinking and progressive.

The two businesses are being fully integrated throughout retaining their service-led philosophy and brand identity. The products available are at the highest specification using the most innovative design techniques in the industry. Its specification is unsurpassed - ranging from the manufacture, hire or sale of multi-storey office complexes to small secure stores. WACO’s expert sales and design team works with customers to provide fully customised solutions to space and accommodation requirements.

The vision of the company is to be number one in the country, by promoting the highest standard of business performance and presentation as measured by the customer. In addition to re-engineering the internal factory layout, major investments have been made in new plant, equipment and warehousing. Programmes such as Investors in People and Total Quality Management have been initiated to improve the skills of all the employees. Continual improvements to designs and processes are ongoing in order to enhance the product range and services, including the design and development of new buildings, testing and evaluating the latest alternative materials and new construction products and methods.

WACO is also an approved supplier to Constructionline, also known as the National Qualification System (NQS), which is part of the Department of Environment Transport and Regions (DETR).

The Modular buildings are manufactured in a controlled factory environment and as a result many of the delays associated with traditional build - inclement weather, materials shortages on site, delivery problems and labour shortages for example - are eliminated. It is also easier to achieve consistently high quality standards which translate directly to very short snag lists and satisfied customers.

Since buildings are manufactured off-site the site preparation - where required - can take place at the same time which leads to greatly compressed construction lead times. Typically from order to customer hand-over takes just 30 to 50 per cent of the equivalent period for a traditional building. Modular building is also known as system building, volumetric construction and modular construction and it has several important advantages. It creates immediate space as WACO can deliver many types and configurations of buildings. This means the lead time from placing an order to moving people into the new accommodation can be as little as two to three days.

Superior build quality is another advantage – the buildings are produced in a controlled environment from the best materials available, each process is subjected to consistent and stringent quality controls. Finished items are delivered to site, sealed in a protective enclosure. The company’s buildings are at least as durable and long-lasting as buildings constructed using traditional methods. In addition unique and innovative product design and manufacturing processes produce buildings that are structurally superior to those of competitors. Technological advances have now made it possible to design any style of modular facility to meet the demands of an increasingly sophisticated client base. No longer built exclusively of wood, modular buildings can also be constructed using rigid steel and concrete systems.

The aesthetic quality, appeal and material finishes are the same as those found in conventional buildings. This allows modular buildings to match existing structures in appearance or provide an attractive stand alone facility. The buildings are incredibly flexible and are designed to be expanded, reconfigured and relocated very rapidly as circumstances dictate. The buildings can grow upwards as well as outwards allowing customers to add up to five storeys.

Modular buildings can be used instead of traditional build and the applications can include classrooms, clinics and hospitals, offices, military barracks, toilet pods, sports halls, prisons and mobile operating theatres, to name just a few.

Modular buildings can also be delivered and erected on sites where traditional buildings simply can’t. WACO can provide multi-storey river barge based accommodation to erected four storey office and staff welfare facilities on steel gantries four metres above street level.

WACO is able to advise and assist in helping to structure the most appropriate financing package ranging from outright purchase, operating lease (rental), buy-back, rental with the option to purchase or finance the lease. The most appropriate finance package has never been more important. WACO frequently provides turnkey accommodation which can include extras such as air-conditioning, carpeting, computer flooring, CCTV and access control equipment, elevators and telephone management systems.

WACO will be hoping its product and service offering will lead to a long and healthy future in the modular building industry. CT-E

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