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Conveying success

Conveying success

30/10/2007 | Channel: Manufacture, Equipment, Cranes, Lifting & Access

Rako Products forsees a bright future

Rako Products Ltd, originally established in 1992, manufactures specialist equipment for construction related industries. The company’s Miniveyor portable conveyor system is used on numerous build and refurbishment projects worldwide andis available through an international network of distribution partners. With four sales offices in the US and Canada, and warehousing in Atlanta, GA, Rako's sister company Miniveyor Systems Inc. handles North American sales and gives the organisation a global reach.

The Miniveyor is the world’s favourite portable conveyor system. It’s easy to transport, quick to install and powerful. Used on thousands of applications worldwide in construction, mining and tunnelling, Miniveyor is packed with safety features to make it the ideal choice for many different customers, as well as the perfect site conveying solution.

The Miniveyor portable conveyor system is used on thousands of applications worldwide on build, refurbishment and maintenance projects, as well as post disaster management for debris removal following natural disasters. Increasingly Miniveyors have been used as scavenger conveyors in confined areas in mines to clear up spillage.

“The Miniveyor is really what started everything off,” explains Darracq Shawe, the company’s managing director. “It is aimed primarily at the construction industry, but its applications encompass a number of other industries. It is very much our flagship product and has enabled us to branch out to new continents and into new markets.”

Rako Products regards site safety as paramount. Miniveyor is packed with safety features to enable use in the harshest site conditions. It is designed with no pinch or nip points and doesn’t compromise on safety. This makes it very appealing in safety conscious markets such as mining or construction.

“Miniveyor is at the top of its game in terms of performance,” adds Darracq. “The equipment is safe, powerful and robust and can be used on anything from construction and maintenance projects to debris removal - it is such a flexible, yet tough product.

“Quite often, where customers are not fully aware of the strength of our product, they laugh, believing that it is not suitable to the job. We take great pleasure in proving them wrong and seeing their faces when they realise how great the equipment is. Of course, our biggest competitor is a man with a wheelbarrow, but we think our product is so much more than that, it stands out and really speaks for itself.”

Safety is the highest priority for Rako and the company invests considerable sums in making Miniveyor, and its other products, the toughest, strongest and safest products on the market. “Miniveyor is the safest conveyor on the market anywhere in the world,” says Darracq. “That is certainly a major selling point.”

A recent management buy-out (MBO) has enabled Rako to create the right environment for further grow and expansion. It is already a hit in America and Europe, but there are ambitions for global success and increased penetration for other products.

“It is an exciting time in the development of the company,” explains Darracq. “We aim to strengthen the Miniveyor brand globally as we move into new overseas markets and close collaboration with strategic partners brings opportunities for us to establish a strong foothold in the mineral extraction sector both at home and overseas.

“Our North American market penetration has grown significantly in the last two years despite the strong pound, and 2007 has brought continued growth in both the US and Canada with large projects funded by the US government.”

This is an exciting time for Rako, a company that is sure to expand, in keeping with the ideas of a new and ambitious management team. The MBO saw Rako become acquired by Presario International Limited in a move that also saw Darracq become
the managing director of Rako Products and his colleague, Larry Leach, charged with the presidency of Miniveyor Systems Inc.

Rako, whose manufacturing headquarters are based in Stonehouse UK, specialises in equipment for confined space working and its systems are global successes. The company operates on a ‘right first time, every time’ basis and customers get total satisfaction. Investment into capitalising on current market conditions and trends, as well as an ambitious outlook, gives Rako a platform for the future.

“The market is looking good,” concludes Darracq. “Opportunities are great and the MBO will see us strengthen our brands globally. We have a great opportunity to expand, and we have just opened an office in South Africa to promote the product to the sub-Sahara and capitalise on local mining industries. The mining industry globally is booming, and of course there are still opportunities in our more traditional construction sectors. What’s more, we will also open offices in the Far East next year, so the future is bright.”

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